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NEWs 28 juillet 2011

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NEWs 28 juillet 2011

Message  Wari le Mer 3 Aoû - 21:11

Dear BlackShot Players,

The BlackShot servers will be down, Thursday, July 28th 2011, from 9 am until appx. 12 pm for maintenance and Patch 0.0.61.

Patch 0.0.61

1. System Changes:

a. Host Change Fix:
- Players with more than their normal HP (HP+ by head shot) will not be reset anymore to their normal HP after Host Change.
- The Weapon Mastery EXP of the first kill after a Host Change has been corrected.
Before it was possible that you got between -20% and +20% Weapon Mastery EXP, if you had made a head shot on a player with more than his normal HP.

b. Delete Function for Items has been added in the storage. Premium Items and some other special items like the Partnership Badge cannot be deleted.

c. The weight value of weapons in the shop/storage has been changed. The value is now vice versa.
I.e. old value 7 > new value 10 - 7 = 3

2. Bug-Fixes:

a. The issue caused on some computers a in some cases a crash, if the TAB key has been used, is fixed

b. Spwaning on TDM maps has been fixed.
The issue that players were spawning on TDM maps in objects (i.e. Panic Space) or outside the map (i.e. Roppongi) has been fixed.
The map Roppongi TDM will be released again in one of the next updates.

c. Weapon Mastery EXP has been revised

b. The issue preventing the bomb defuse has been fixed.

3. Maps:

a. New Map: Junk Yard (TDM)

b. Hans Cargo (TDM/SD/SD-I) has been revised

c. Panic Space has been revised

4. Weapons:

a. New Sniper: M24 Grim Reaper (Gold Box)

b. Sig552 is now available in shop for BP

5. Gears:

a. Magazine Extension has been in added in the shop

b. Heavy Load has been added in the shop

6. New Item Bundle:

Birthday Item Bundle consists of some of the most popular items for 30 days.
a. Enfield
b. UZI Red
c. AWP Black
d. Beretta 93R
e. Flash Frag
f. Additional Combo
g. Medi Kit Premium

7. Black Box:

The following weapons will be available in the Black Box:
a. AK47
b. UZI
c. AWP
d. Desert Eagle

All weapons are purchased for a minimum usage time of 3 hours

8. Gold Boxes:

GoldBox A
a. M24 Grim Reaper
b. MG42
c. M1919A
d. Medi-Kit Premium
e. EXP / BP Premium Items

GoldBox B
a. Tarantula .45
b. Baretta 93R
c. Golck18 Camo
d. Glock21 Camo
e. EXP / BP Premium Items

GoldBox C
a. Enfield Woodland
b. Sig552 Jungle
c. AK47 Digi-Camo
d. M4 Digi-Camo
e. EXP / BP Premium Items

We hope you all will enjoy the update.

Best regards,

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